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      in flores, you will experince a different but probably more exciting kind of shopping beyond your notions of malls and supermarkets. there are many small to large local markets where you can find fresh agricultural products,fish ,meat,and many other regional products. in the large towns you can find all kinds of small shops taht sell […]

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      in flores.only indonesian rupiah(IDR) is accepted for cash paymants. in general,the payment in flores is cash – based. money transfers are not usually possible, as using international accounts is not very common yet.there are ATMs in the district capitals which – depanding on the bank -accept major credit cards(Visa/Mastercard) where you can get cash. the […]


      the visa requirements depend on the length of your stay and on your home country,s regulation  indonesia visa requirements are prone to changes. thus, it is important to check the respective requirements at the indonesia embassy or consulate in your home country before you start on your journey. if you want to extend your visa […]