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      In 2001 a volcanic eruption in Central Flores created a massive crater, changing the skyline of the local area forever and turning a vast swathe of land into volcanic ash dotted with dead, branchless tree trunks defiantly pointing upwards to the sky. Water that entered this gigantic crater formed five lakes.Like the more famous Kelimutu […]


      Mount Inerie with its beautiful, harmonic pyramid shape, is an eye-catching peak in the Florinese ‘mountain skyline’.  With an altitude of 2245m above sea level, Mount Inerie is also one of the highest volcanoes in Flores. If you would like to climb to the top, you do well to start your trip at night or […]


      If you want to experience Ngada culture beyond the more popular Bena and Wogo, and if you are ready to invest a little time and physical effort, you should dare to hike to the extraordinary village of Belaraghi and spend the night in this amazing place.The sixteen beautiful traditional houses stand tidily in two parallel […]


      Located in the Soa sub-district, about 23.5km from Bajawa, Mangeruda Hot Springs offer you the Florinese highlands at their warmest. Travelers coming to Ngada often visit Mangeruda Hot Springs to escape chilly Bajawa and enjoy the warm water that flows from a river under the shade of coconut trees. The spring water is believed to […]


      In Manggarai you will certainly notice the impressive lingko fields. The most amazing view over a number of these fields is offered at Cara Village situated on a small hill 17km west of Ruteng in Cancar. With their round, spider-web structure, these pieces of land are unique eye-catchers in Manggarai.Long before wet-rice cultivation, the ancestors […]


      Bena, a community that is situated about 16km from Bajawa at the foot of Mount Inerie, is the most famous and also most visited village in the Ngada district. With its impressive stone formations and ancestral shrines, as well as traditional houses, Bena has turned into a signpost for Ngada culture. The village consists of […]


      KELIMUTU LAKE Mt Kelimutu National Park is the smallest among six national parks in the stretch between and the Nusa Tenggara islands. Its size obviously does not matter much when it offers one of the most spectacular wonders that nature has to offer. There are three lakes on the mountain sharing the same name, Kelimutu, […]


      Liang Bua is a cave in a limestone hill in Manggarai District, . The local community is familiar with this cave because of its huge size (50 meters long, 40 meters wide, and 25 meters tall). Due to its size, it was once used as a religious worship place and school. Liang Bua is famous […]


      Located 44 km east of Labuan Bajo, Tado village is one of the best places to get a close look on the West Manggaraian way of life. Tado, as what is called as the name of a village was actually a name of a tribe. It is perhaps one of the tribe in West Manggarai […]


      Wae Rebo is a small, very out of the way village.  Located some 1,100 meters above sea level, where the air is cool and the village completely surrounded by panoramic mountains and the dense Todo forest. This tropical forest is rich in vegetation, where you will find orchids, different types of ferns and hear the […]